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Japan Fair Festival Brussel


Sushi, sake, light cherry blossoms, Japan food and many more!


Anyone who loves sushi, Japanese cherry blossom and countless lights in the darkness can indulge themselves in Brussels during the weekend of 6 and 7 November.


All tickets purchased will be valid on the new festival dates.


Dates and times: November 6-7


You can then choose 1 of the following time slots: Time slots: 12:00/15:00/18:00

Location: TOUR & TAXIS Brussels

Japan Fair Festival Brussels: What's new?

Lots of Japanese food - Food-hall

Illuminated Cherry Blossoms

Japanese LED objects

Sushi & Ramen creations

Japanese live acts - LED

Japanese LED objects

A Food Festival dedicated to ''Japan and light''

Event with cultural aspects, with a diversity of Japanese food, lifestyle with certain elements put into light perspective such as: luminous cherry blossoms in different colors, Japanese food hall, Japanese sake bar and much more!

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